It’s Like Magic…

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But is it really?  What is magic and how do you define it?  Is it something you ‘believe’ in?  To me there are many magical things in the world.  Mostly I define these things by the awe they inspire in me.  Extraordinary things that I maybe don’t understand.  Things like, how our hearts beat.  Sure, I know how they mechanically beat and the physiological process, but really… think about it.  What makes a heart beat?  Furthermore, did you know lovers hearts beat in sync at night?  This is magical, truly.  Then there is nature… take a look around you, look up at the sky, at the clouds floating past, the birds in the air and all the life buzzing around you vibrant with energy and color and sound.  Look at the stars.  Our world, our universe and how we are all living together, flowing in and out of the rhythms of life.  These things are amazing, extraordinary and magical.

So what about Acupuncture?  Well, to some it feels like magic, and to others, without the science, it’s just nonsense.  So then, what is magic?  Magic is merely unexplained science.   It is those things we have not yet discovered or are not yet able to understand.  This Ted Talk, is not necessarily about Acupuncture but it relates to it in a powerful way.  It is “equal parts science and magic”.  We are all a part of the universe, we are essentially made up of star-dust, which means we are all innately connected.  (Have you seen this article: Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains).  We share this deep connection with one another, with our environment and with all of nature.  We move in concert with one another, we change with the seasons and with our surroundings as do our internal bodies.

The Chinese were ahead of their time in observing us interact in our environment.  They built an entire medicine on the basis that we, like nature, change as the seasons do, as the landscape does and act as a one.  We really are extraordinary beings in an extraordinary place and this reality truly is “equal parts science and magic”.



Until next time ~ appreciate the magic around you (& come get some Acupuncture)!




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