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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO’s) is a common term we hear these days.  They (and by they I’m mostly talking about Monsanto) are beginning to take over our natural food sources by chemically as well as genetically altering them beyond their organic recognition.  Not only is this genetic mutation trend isolated to our food, but it is leaching into many other products as well.  After all, corn; one of the biggest victims of genetic mutations is a base for many things you probably aren’t even aware of.  A short list includes; meat products, baby food, adhesives, chalk, laundry starch, placebo’s, toothpaste, medicines, talcum powder…

It’s a huge controversy.  Here we have the FDA, (a government agency, largely motivated and funded by Monsanto) telling us these chemicals and genetic mutations are completely safe for ingestion and do not affect the biochemistry of one’s physiology, but as there was a rise in GM foods, there is a near perfect correlation of an increase in allergies (food, environmental), asthma and eczema.  In addition, this same government agency is telling us that they refuse to label food products as GMO if they in fact are even though they claim they are safe, what’s to hide FDA?  (Seems like a human rights violation to me).  Maybe they don’t want us to be able to track the negative impact of these foods on our health… just a thought.  Needles to say, the food industry is an interesting machine.  In essence we are the guinea pigs of food and nutrition science, we are the un-consenting test subjects of a large research study that is, at this moment, testing the effects of what long-term ingestion of chemicals and altered nutrition will eventually do to the human body.

So, what to do?!  Well, for starters it’s always good to do your research.  Know where your food comes from.  Make sure it’s organic (most of the time).  Farmer’s markets and growing your own fruits and veggies if possible is always the best way to go.  If you are a meat eater, know your farmer/rancher, or hunt and process it yourself.

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