Rites of Passage…

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Here we are… coming up on a major crossroads (at least me and the rest of the 2nd of 3 year students at OCOM).  Finals started up this week and continue pretty heavily into next week.  Then after that’s all said and done, just to really drive it in, we have our Clinic Entrance Exams (I like to refer to them as the mini boards), which are as ominous as they sound.  They mark the seperation of where you are a student in a classroom & where you’ve become an actual practicing intern in the OCOM clinic.  It all happens so fast and I’m convinced all these tests are merely a lesson in stress management.  The big test is two weeks from today and I’m trying to take a light-hearted stress free approach.  I have the information, the spreadsheets & the notes.  I’ve put in the time & I’ve studied my butt off for the past two years, so come Fall, I will be wearing my white coat treating people all on my own; with a supervisor of course!  I absolutely can’t wait!

In the meantime to take my mind off of things I have been taking some extra hours working at the gym; which I LOVE and wish I had more time in every day to come play with KettleBells and offer my guidance and knowledge to our clients (www.spinachyou.com… Check it out!).  They are in the process of filming a promo video for a Kettle-Bell workout DVD which is going to be rad, so be on the lookout for a sweet video with all our clients; me and the other trainers included snatching (it’s a kettlebell move 🙂 ) away.  More word on that to come!

It’s easy to find other things to do when your list of things to do and to study is so long you don’t know where to start; I just found an awesome website that my mom sent me; Ode Magazine which is sure to make my list of favorites as well as a great way to procrastinate!

Until next time, wish me luck and be well!


About eresko

I am a licensed Acupuncturist and NCCAOM Board certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. I live in Hailey, Idaho, where I have an Acupuncture practice, Erin Hill Acupuncture as well as a type of Integrative Wellness Care practice, Tune Up. I am also a Level I & II certified Kettlebell Instructor and teach private classes in the Wood River Valley, Idaho. I have been very active in sports and athletics since I can remember. I received my BS in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado @ Boulder. In my practice I utilize all modalities to help get you where you want to be, whether with Acupuncture, Nutrition, or Kettlebell training. I am well versed in treating Sports specific conditions; pain, injuries, strains & sprains and use my knowledge of the body both from a Chinese Medical standpoint and a traditional Western one; a concept that most of my patients are familiar with. In addition, I incorporate my knowledge of the physical body & how we move, where restrictions, pain, or tightness may reside and how that, in turn, affects the internal organs or vice versa. For each individual that walks through my door, I am able to assess what each person needs as far as therapy to achieve their goals. Each person is different, inside and out and treatments should reflect that. Among my modalities, I use Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tuina (a type of Chinese bodywork), Japanese style Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Nutrition, and Lifestyle coaching as well as my Kettlebell training for rehab and for improving one's fitness level.
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3 Responses to Rites of Passage…

  1. Sallie B Hanson says:

    BTW … thought the accupuncture needle artworks in Portland absolutely fantastic! And what a wonderful concept! Can’t see that happening in Idaho any time soon!

    • Erin says:

      That’s great the family is doing well! Thanks for reading 🙂 & yeah, isn’t that Acupuncture Project awesome!? They are gaining momentum and raising more and more around the city! Portland is so great 🙂

  2. Sallie B Hanson says:

    Glad to hear things moving along well for you … exciting times!
    Summer was here for 6 weeks doing her Family Practice rotation with Dr. Levin. She’s just finishing up her Surgery rotation in Minneapolis, then moving on to her OB/Gyn rotation in St. Cloud, MN. Will stay with another PA friend for the 6 weeks. She has 3 more after that, then will begin 12 Family Practice rotation. Dr. Levin invited her back here to do that if she wishes, and of course, we do!
    It was so nice to have her here with us. Jere came home also; and she was so good with him; and he responded well. So, she’s working for completion by spring 2011.
    Davin and Amy doing well with Baby Quinn. She’s now 6 months old. MBT moved to New Hampshire, so Davin’s been playing Mr. Mom while looking for work here.
    My gardening season has slow start so far due to the weird weather we’ve been having. Forecast says more rain and snow in the upper elevations.
    Take care, stay calm and cool, and best of luck in all that you do!

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